Front End Development & UX Design

Writing in CSS & HTML has always been a hobby of mine– creating websites, in general, has been something I’ve done in the background. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was able to contribute my code to a project by Science and Arts Engagement NY. The project titled Dunk! The Science of Basketball is an online exhibition where I was able to build an identity program to brand the website and write CSS stylesheets and SVG elements that were integrated into the final build. Click here to view the exhibition.

The site uses a number of elements as overlaying windows, it was important that this was reactive to screen size, and content would adjust accordingly.

Graphic Design & Motion Media

During the 2018 U.S. Midterm elections I got involved with a grassroots congressional campaign and had the opportunity to re-brand the entirety of the campaign’s look. Through trial and error I developed a visual style for all our communication on web, video, billboards, social media graphics, and in print.

Heading a small team, I wrote, produced, and art directed a motion media series to add another way for our campaign to have visually engaging content. 

App Design

When I was new to learning CSS, Adobe XD was a solid learning resource to try out UI design ideas.

Orthographics & Line Art

Line art is the type of work that got me into doing concept art in the first place. It was the first time that I had success creating a digital drawing, which opened up a new world of possibilities. Most of these drawings are from the real life patent for the “Hoverboard EOS”, which was a type of miniature hovercraft a friend of mine built. In order to register the patent and help in the 3D printing, the board required a series of views, both external and internal. Working to make sure these were proportionally correct took extra care.

This hoverboard has been floating around online for some years. I also created a Kickstarter video for this that went viral for all the wrong reasons.