James Masino is a New York-based Visual Developer and Concept Artist with a passion for innovation, art direction, and activism. Hailing from a small city in the Midwest with a love for art and technology, James from an early age imagined new frontiers and explored new avenues of art in the pursuit of creating. This led James to discover a passion for working in-between mediums of art, excelling in digital painting, film, and front-end development & design where he works to wield his knowledge creating immersive ideas and experiences for viewers.

James’ work appears in concept art for feature film, in digital matte paintings on commercial ads, in short film collaborations, in website designs, and in tabletop board game illustrations. Including artwork for the feature film Persephone, which is currently in pre-production. James’ design work has been contributed to a multitude of formats too, including design direction for a motion media ad series for a political campaign and front-end development with Science & Arts Engagement for The City College of New York.

James is also an avid activist who focuses on the issues of our time, in this pursuit, he applied his knowledge to political activism in the state of Georgia during the 2018 Midterms. Where James worked for a progressive congressional campaign and was responsible for all its ad content in print media, on billboards, and in live-action ads in which he wrote and produced. James focuses on get out the vote efforts through his work with The Climate Reality Project, where he now co-chair’s Climate Reality’s New York Metro Chapter.

For freelance inquiries, job opportunities, speaking engagements, or other collaboration, please send an email to james@masino.art


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James participating in a panel about his activism on climate change with U.S. Vice President Al Gore.

Activist & Volunteer Highlights

NYC Metro Chapter Co-Chair
The Climate Reality Project
Climate Reality NYC

  • James is currently a co-chair for Climate Reality’s New York City Metro Chapter, where he applies his experience in grassroots political campaigns to help inform on the ground climate action on policy in New York City. James previously served on the leadership team, with Climate Reality as a Mentor, as an arts and communications working group chair, and as a previous chair of a Campus Corps chapter.

Homeless Outreach with NYC
Goddard Riverside & New York’s Department of Homeless Services (DHS)

  • Participating in the engagement of New York’s homeless population, canvassing streets, and transporting vulnerable individuals to area shelters.

Youth Delegate
Global Climate Action Summit

  • Attended GCAS 2018 as a representative of Georgia’s Congressional District One and The Climate Reality Project.

Film Festivals & Accolades


Best Short Narrative, Dumbo Film Festival 2020
Red Dot: Communication Design, 2019
USA Film Festival’s International Short Film & Video Competition, 2019
Official Selection
DUMBO Film Festival, 2021
SCAD Savannah Film Festival, 2020

OCTOBER (2017)

Official Selection
IRIS PRIZE LGBT+ Film Festival, 2020
Shorts Out! Brighton FilmPride LGBTQ+ Short Film Festival, 2019
Film Shortage, 2019
Outfest Fusion, 2019
Massimadi Film Festival, 2019
Transforming Cinema Film Festival, 2018
SCAD Savannah Film Festival, 2018
Bushwick Film Festival, 2018
Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival, 2018
Outfest Los Angeles, 2018

Board Game Highlights

Dreams of Tomorrow
Weird Giraffe Games

  • Now available in retail outlets world wide.
  • Illustrated the entirety of the game, which focused on creating an ambitious color palette.

The Search For Planet X
Foxtrot Games

  • 400% funded on Kickstarter.
  • Endorsed by the Planetary Society, with some versions signed by Bill Nye!